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The german shepherd

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About the Instructor

Oliver Schäfer 12. September 2020

Stephanie Grath is  veterinarian, experienced dog trainer and has been running a mobile veterinary practice for maily behavioral consultations since 2004. She has been a speaker for Vet Concept, Improve International and various other Companies. She does seminars for veterinarians all over the world ( e.g. Germany, India, Tunesia)

Stephanie is a specialist for boarding school dog training Programs and also an expert for guide dog exams. Her commitment to the field of kynology is groundbreaking and an gift to every human-animal relationship.

That’s what she says about herself: :

“I love the inventiveness of our pets! How clever they recognize their own advantage and use it perfectly. That’s why I’ve turned my passion into a job. I became an animal trainer and behavior coach.

Important for me is the exchange with other animal trainers. That’s why I am in the TOP-Trainer group( founded by Viviane Theby and Bob Bailey) . Amongst animal Trainer it is the best way to philosophize about training for hours. Jus because they are as crazy about training. My aim is to present my knowledge to interested People as clearly as possible so that a good training solution can be found for every team. My communication to animals  and humans is clear, positive, constructive and targeted. I continue my training in TAG-Teach, a system that improves communication, shortens the learning process and supports both the teacher and the student. In this way I can evaluate more precisely what the team should really train. Then make criteria even clearer .

Why do I look forward to challenging cases? We are all in the same boat.  When I once had a fairly bad training situation, so I spent a lot of time struggling with this fate. The saying “You cannot change your environment” has become a guiding principle for me. It has made my creativity stand out even more during training. Back then at that time I got creative and changed my training plan and everything was fine. For me, the term – training, no matter what – has become very important, both in behavioral consultations and in dog training. Regardless where, it “always” seems to be a  strong distraction, the dog owner “never” has time to train, or the  “only” on to blame is the dog . If I figure that the human-dog team needs a break, I am happy to take the dog to my boarding training school and help both of them